Agency 1138 specializes in SEO, content, and web design services on the Shopify sales platform.

Are you an artist who doesn’t have enough time to create because you’re always sitting at your computer? 

Are the technical parts of your business sucking the fun out of your retail biz? 

Are you putting off big technical tasks because you dread them?


We'd be delighted to take over some of those tasks.

Let's chat.

The sooner we do, the sooner you can say goodbye to overwhelm.


We’ll get these essential business systems running smoothly for you


Do you want a Shopify site RIGHT NOW, but you're too busy to do it yourself?

Let us help give you some momentum by setting up a basic, standard, or deluxe shopify store for you. Whether you want basic functions or fancy schmancy ones, we can get you set up AND we'll teach you how to take care of it once we're done.


Woot! You've got a Shopify store. It's doing alright, but you want to change a thing or two about it.

Let us add products, proofread your product descriptions, or even install and configure an entirely new Shopify theme.


Everything is humming along in your Shopify store. You're so busy making and shipping products that you don't have time to handle the ongoing SEO chores. And who is managing the traffic building activities like content building? (Yes, you DO need a blog for your Shopify store.)

Let us study your customers, your market, and your competitors. We'll come up with keywords, develop content strategies, and write blog posts for you.